Mukul Goyal

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The subject of creativity

Quirky and fun, uncomplicated yet exuberant, Mukul Goyal,s distinctive creative expression draws inspiration from everyday life, where Mukul successfully walks the line between art and design; aesthetic and function.His style always keeps the functionality of the product in mind, whereas at the same time he seduces the user senses. Mukul Goyal says: “live and experience design, feel it….”

His work connects an elegant application of traditional methods with a modern expression, in which he moves all technical, material and expressional boundaries. His creations have been presented and awarded various times all over the world. The complex production is majorly done by hand and the material used are of very high quality.

Humour and fantasy to react to the actual crisis context.

Mukul Goyal loves humour and his ID collection is a pretty and funny wink to life. ID comes to life and expresses feelings and wishes through attitudes and unexpected postures. Each object tells a small story that leads us back to ours. Mukul sees himself in the products and by creating; he wonders what he should do in such a particular situation. Mukul Goyal makes fun of our imagination; his creations slip into our life and become a mirror of certain moments in our life or of our moods. A sort of metamorphosis of ideas in a curious character called ID.

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