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Nisha Mathew brings her design engagement with her award winning buildings to the world of accessory design.

Nisha says: “It’s not about just making, it’s about communicating too,”

ANAH brings new melody to the ancient art of weaving; fusing thought, skill and beauty to create enduring ideas for luxury Home and Hospitality. ANAH offers ample band-width in Customized designs that range from the classic, elegant to the quirky and humorous.

Weaving stories into her work

Nisha Mathew brings her design engagement with her award winning buildings ( to the world of accessory design.

Deeply spiritual and inspired by the world of nature - God's creation, forms, pattern and colour inspire her works. Her work is contemporary and styled with a sensibility that expresses the process of hand making each product, simply and poetically.

Weaving  stories into her work

The Allure of simplicity

The Allure of simplicity

Inspired by the ancient art of weaving, this collection is inspired by rituals of home and hearth, and even as the viewer looks on, some memories evoke connections, bringing nuances of meaning into these objects.

These table-setting and utilitarian pieces are food grade stainless steel, and one may use them in multiple ways, limited only by one’s imagination. Nisha Mathew is an avid observer of culture, and this combines with her love of nature to bring you new concepts in table decoration.

Natural progression

The range, while contemporary and stark on one hand, is also reminiscent of rural artisanal craft—many products have soft weaves and braids; and yet others, somehow, manage to intimidate with its spikes and pointed edges.

Nisha, on an earlier occasion, has designed jewellery—both in stainless steel and in silver. Today, she is busy prototyping lights. However, that’s a work in progress. It is clear, like most of her creative brethren, that she is hugely passionate about experimenting and creating. But if you ask the artist about it, she insists that it’s only natural progression. “Things develop organically,” she says.

Natural progression