Neeru Kumar textile design

A huge collection of handwoven shawls in silk, wool and linen created by using various weaving techniques that compliment the materials. Innovative dyeing techniques derived from textile traditions across the world are incorporated along with machine and hand embroidery to create distinctive scarves & bags. The collections of garments in classic styles made from a range of hand and machine embroidered textile techniques. The garments are stylish and elegant. They are innovative and sensitive to fashion trends while being textile driven. The home line has two major collections. The essence of the brand being distinctively designed handwoven jacquard throws, bedcovers nad cushions in natural fibres such as wool, silk, linen and combinations there of. These have a timless appeal and are widly sought after internationally. The complimenting range of machine and hand-embroidered textiles draw inspiration from a wide range of craffts, and contemporary and modern. In the course of her researches into textile techniques Neeru has built up a considerable collection of special textiles. These include some of the finest examples of wearving, printing and embroidery techniques from various parts of India. The collection of the vintage kanthas quilts of Bengal is huge and has some of the finest examples of these.