Jazz & Wine

Jazz and Wine Evening Being Held for St George’s International School Scholarship for the Arts

  Luxembourg-Hamm, 12 April 2016 – St George’s International School, Luxembourg ASBL is inviting the public to come enjoy a South American wine tasting with live jazz and nibbles on April 30th from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase beautiful artwork produced by the School’s IGCSE and A-level students, some of which was on display at the European Court of Auditors earlier this year. All funds raised on the evening will go to the newly established Scholarship for the Arts which will benefit students at St George’s who wish to pursue a career in the arts, to attend summer music, art or drama festivals, or who need to purchase professional instruments in order to continue their studies. The event will be hosted by Mélange Design & Style, located in Dommeldange, with live jazz music performed by The Enigma Ensemble. This event is registered with UNESCO and is part of their International Jazz Day festivities. More information and a list of events worldwide can be found at http://jazzday.com/events/  #JazzDay Tickets can be purchased in person or by phone at St George’s International School (www.st-georges.lu, tel. 42 32 24) or at Mélange (www.melange.info, tel. 42 27 25 440) for 12 euros per person or 20 euros for two.

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Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute: Tell MOHAN

Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute

Registered charity number: 1137382 Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute’s method of operation:
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Provides services
  • Makes grants to organisations
  • Provides human resources
What services Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute provides:
  • Overseas aid/famine relief
  • Arts/culture/heritage/science
  • Education/training
  • General charitable purposes
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • Religious activities
  • Economic/community development/employment
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives
Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute provides services to:
  • The general public/mankind
Where Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute operates:
  • India

Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute’s charitable objectives:

1) to advance the hindu faith in accordance with the teachings of the bhagavad gita the upanishads and the vedas of india and to propagate the teachings of lord buddha who is considered the tenth incarnation of vishnu according to hinduism. 2) to relIeve poverty 3) to relieve sickness and promote health including by supporting a medical facility in rimbick, darjeeling india. 4) to promote religious harmony for the benefit of the public by: a) educating the public in different religious beliefs including an awareness of their distinct features and their common ground to promote good relations between persons of different faiths. b) promoting knowledge and mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different religious Faiths.  

The Direct Way To Donate

Total Giving gives charities the ability to take online donations and create fundraising events completely free with all money going directly from the donor to the charity.

See The Difference

All donations go directly to the charity FREE to all UK charities 100% not for profit

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Hub Dot Luxembourg

Hub Dot, born in London, is a movement of women who believe in the power of connections that happen in real life, to provide the opportunity for women to meet “face to face” Hub Dot meetings offer women a “piazza” to share their force, creativity, experience and ideas and to enjoy the pleasure of being together. Hub Dot uses the strength of personal stories to motivate, inspire and enlighten women. The power of storytelling! During each event several women intervene to tell just in a few minutes their own life experience to transmit participants hope, bravery and optimism.
At Hub Dot gatherings women are not labelled. Instead of name badges we use coloured dots, an immediate way where each colour a woman wears represents a different mood and interest. Each attendee selects one or several Dots that resonate most with their intent at the event: RED: “I’m established… (in my career/business/motherhood); feel free to ask me more.” YELLOW: “I have an idea, can anyone help?” GREEN: “I’m here to be inspired…” BLUE: “I’m here to socialise and shop!” PURPLE: “I want to tell you about… (my story/my work/my charity)”
Hub Dot Luxembourg has announced its next event “Connecting through our commitment for making the world a better place” that will take place at mélange (1 rue Nennig, 2214 Luxembourg-Dommeldange) on Wednesday 24 February 2016 from 19:00 – 21:30. The mélange store will be transformed into a piazza of inspiration and storytelling around various ideas and projects that are making the world a better place. The vision of mélange is to combine the art of storytelling — and how good stories have the power to transform our perceptions of the world with the choice of a furniture item. The store is a fantastic example on how important individual stories are and what impact they have across societies and countries, showing us that every single story from the artisans counts. From social projects in the neighbourhood to ideas that plays its part in saving the ocean, from beekeeper to tales about consciousness. Join us as on a fantastic evening that shows the diversity of live that all lead to the same goal: Making the world a better place. At Hub Dot “piazza” will be storytelling from the community and the opportunity to create links with associations and philanthropic fundraisers. The Dot alchemy will be created through connecting around living consciously and selflessly, making every day count, and taking care of the wonderful world we live in.” When we gather face-to-face and allow our Dots to replace labels, extraordinary connections happen. Hub Dot has made an impact on many lives already and is spreading to cities around the world. Hub Dot is a global phenomenon started in London, facilitating events for women to connect through a sharing of inspirational stories, ideas and creativity. Launched in the Grand Duchy in 2014, Hub Dot Luxembourg’s first event was attended by over 350 women. Spaces are limited. Tickets are €20 and registration on the website is compulsory. For more information and to register for the event, see https://hubdot.com/event/luxembourg/19/making-the-world-a-better-place-luxembourg.

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A complete range of furniture and home accessories

mélange has a complete range of furniture and home accessories for your living room, hallway, office, dining room and bedroom. We offer a wide selection of high quality furniture including coffee tables, bookcases, TV cabinets, desks, beds, dining tables and chairs. Every piece of furniture is hand crafted from ethically sourced hardwood, sourced under fair trade conditions and finished to the highest standard.

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Mango Wood Furniture

Indian Mango Wood Furniture

Mango Wood is an extremely beautiful hardwood. and having been used as a sustainable resource for furniture throughout Southeast Asia for decades, is becoming very popular in the West, especially due to it’s far greater sustainability over other popular hardwoods such as oak or teak. Mango Wood is so sustainable due to it’s primary use as a fruit tree. Here at Mango Furniture India you will find a great selection of beautiful Mango Wood Furniture. Our range of mango wood furniture’s are the rustic furniture’s at it’s most beautiful. Made predominately from mango wood, our furniture is traditionally hand finished to give a warm patina that will be enhanced with time and use.

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Neeru Kumar textile design

A huge collection of handwoven shawls in silk, wool and linen created by using various weaving techniques that compliment the materials. Innovative dyeing techniques derived from textile traditions across the world are incorporated along with machine and hand embroidery to create distinctive scarves & bags. The collections of garments in classic styles made from a range of hand and machine embroidered textile techniques. The garments are stylish and elegant. They are innovative and sensitive to fashion trends while being textile driven.

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Pas d’innovation sans risque

En interview avec Karsten Roloff de mélange


by  Sebastian Reddeker (Shopping in Luxembourg – Good Idea)

Depuis 2012, Karsten Roloff a développé dans son magasin « mélange – Inspired by India » un nouveau concept de commercialisation. Chez « mélange », on retrouve un mélange de meubles de meilleurs designers exclusifs indiens et de diverses marques, des accessoires pour la maison et des textiles. Dans cette interview, Karsten Roloff parle en tant que fondateur et propriétaire sur ses innovations et les risques associés.

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A surprising design collection Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal

In India Mukul Goyal belongs to the distinguished personalities and is praised for his excellent production of exclusive gifts and decoration articles. His collections, carrying Mukul Goyals signature, note extreme success in national and international spheres. Today his products are sold in more than 30 countries.

The subject of creativity

Quirky and fun, uncomplicated yet exuberant, Mukul Goyal,s distinctive creative expression draws inspiration from everyday life, where Mukul successfully walks the line between art and design; aesthetic and function.His style always keeps the functionality of the product in mind, whereas at the same time he seduces the user senses. Mukul Goyal says: “live and experience design, feel it….”

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The enigma that is India

Painter Ken Johnson
Australian painter Ken Johnson captures myriad images of the sprawling country. His work ranges from the spiritual to the sardonic
By Shevlin Sebastian
A few years ago, Ken Johnson, one of Australia’s leading painters, was in a Bhajan Kutir (House of Worship) at the Thar desert in Rajasthan. Suddenly, a man arrived. He was destitute, and looked worn-down and hopeless. He said, “I have nothing in my life. If I keep moving, I will die.” The temple authorities told him to wait. They went inside and held a discussion. Later, one of them came out and said, “If you look after the temple premises, you can stay.” And the man started living there.
“This could happen only in India,” says Ken. “Despite having more than a billion people the country is willing to accommodate more. There is a heart beating strongly in India. In any other country, the beggar would have been turned away.”

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A fresh perspective Ken Johnson

studio-door Australian landscape artist Ken Johnson compares himself to Russian conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy – in one respect only. ”He waves his hands up and down relentlessly with his baton like I do all day with my paint brush,” he says. Johnson, 63, has been painting grand landscapes for more than 40 years, rendering the moods of the Australian outback and coastline with layer upon layer of oil from a range of perspectives. Sometimes it’s as far as his eyes can see, sometimes far beyond that in helicopters and light planes, from which he sketches the geometric lie of the land and later translates it onto canvas. Combining his life in Australia with yearly stints in India, Italy and elsewhere, he has painted the houses and harlequins of Venice, the icy plains of Antarctica, villagers in remote pockets of India, marine life in Norway and Tuscany’s Apuane Alps. It is work he has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland and the US since the 1970s.Born in Sydney, he studied at the National Art School and had been based in New South Wales all his life until four months ago, when he moved to Victoria to be near his daughter, who is studying in Melbourne. Tomorrow at his studio in Cape Schanck, he is launching a collection of new works and some never previously exhibited. Later this year he’s opening a gallery in Flinders to exhibit paintings – some of which will include impressions of the Mornington Peninsula because, he says, he is simply ”in love” with the area. ”The peninsula has all the things I adore in one place … bushes that choke the roads, fields that collar the squiggly paths to the beaches, winds that bite and turbulent skies that are ever-changing. I am so busy with the terrain, it’s like I have a motor inside me. Slow down? Not until I die.”
ken johnson artist australia

ken johnson artist australia

His days, remarkably, begin around 3am when he gets up, meditates for half an hour (which he has done for decades) then walks until the break of day. By 7am he’s in his studio working, often forgetting to eat and drink, and continues until 9pm – and beyond. ”I wake up in the middle of the night, every night, and just can’t get a certain idea for an image out of my head and it’s what I begin working on all day and into the night.”But making art is not Johnson’s only interest. For many years he has been involved with the worldwide charity Jambange. When he sold his luxury Byron Bay property in 2012, his home for 14 years, part of the takings were injected into helping build the Jambange Medical Centre in Rimbick, West Bengal, which opened six months ago. Jambange raises resources for the underprivileged worldwide and Johnson, along with two other volunteers, helped get free medical assistance to the extremely impoverished villagers and refugees from Nepal and Tibet who live in this remote part of the Himalayas. This Australian winter he will, as he has for many years, conduct trekking tours in India and Italy to raise more money to keep the centre running. ”The villagers there are peaceful people, with few worldly goods and much wisdom,” he says. ”I could not go a year without going there and spending time with them. There I live on 2.82€ a week.”  
80 x 90cms, Acrylic on canvas, 2010.

80 x 90cms, Acrylic on canvas, 2010.

Despite his rich outpouring of art and commitment to charity, Johnson almost hit a wall a couple of years ago when Axia Modern Art, the Melbourne gallery representing him for 30 years, went into liquidation owing artists, investors and art-world specialists a total of 1.41€ million.He was left out of pocket by what he estimates to be 37,555.16€-plus and shattered by the gallery’s forced closure, ”because a gallery becomes part of your life, something you trust implicitly to help guide your career”. In June 2012, his works were among 550 from the Australian Art Investment Trust, the collection of the liquidated gallery, sold by Leonard Joel Auction House. His works, previously valued in the 18,777.58€ to 28,166.37€ range, went under the hammer for 1,126.65€ to 4,224.96€. ”It’s easy to read,” he told The Age at the time. ”The lower the price the quicker it’s out of the way. It’s a terrible result for me and other artists involved.”
Acrylic on Linen. 214 (w) x 107 (h) cms.

Acrylic on Linen. 214 (w) x 107 (h) cms.

Specialist arts management accountant Tom Lowenstein, who manages some of the artists whose work was sold, predicted at the time the low sale estimates would impact on the artists’ reputations for a decade. But Johnson moved forward within a handful of months. ”I sat down and worked out that I could either stand still and rot or blossom and I choose to blossom,” he says. Art dealer Liam Ferguson, previously manager but not part of the ownership at Axia Modern Art, has created an online venture, hothamstreetcontemporary.com, whose stable includes Johnson and other former Axia artists including Jane Valentine, Greg Johns, Kate Elsey, Ben Shearer and Stephen Glassborow. Ferguson has organised tomorrow’s launch and the public can view Johnson’s work via the online gallery. Since 2000 Johnson has practiced Bakti yoga, which he sees as a holistic way of life incorporating the practice of gratitude, forgiveness and service to the community. ”It has given me insight into a bigger world through isolating circumstances, then putting them back together. I have always tried to do that on the canvas and now galvanise these elements through actions in my daily life. ”Take road rage for instance. Ignore it, don’t lower yourself to a low standard, don’t get sucked in,” he says.

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Every design has a tale to tell

What happens when you combine the finest hand-woven Pashmina with rare embroidery and then, top it off with a subtle design sensibility that straddles the traditional and the contemporary?

The result is an unusual combination of lusciously soft Pashmina shawls with embroidery like appliqué and jamawar paisley motifs, reworked in a contemporary colour palette. There are 19th century British motifs and antique Deccani designs transposed on to luxurious bedspreads and throws.

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A Story to tell

A Story to tell The TED Radio Hour piece about storytelling. While it shouldn’t come as a surprise that books, plays, poems, paintings or music tell stories, many folks don’t realize that home design can, and should, tell a story too. In a sense, a home’s design should go beyond just the factual, quantifiable (2,000 square feet, three bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms etc.) and readily discernible (colonial, gourmet kitchen, wonderful view). But how does a home’s design do this? How, in fact, can a collection of wood, brick, concrete etc. tell a story? Can we create a narrative? While it may be satisfying to have the story all laid out before us, the opportunity to make up our own narrative based on just the barest of facts can be richer. For a home to allow this, it has to be inviting. It has to draw us in. It has to encourage us to create, to use our imagination.

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Inspired by: Maleficent

We’re feeling inspired by the looks of the sets of Disney’s lastest movie,Maleficent. The heavy draped fabrics, intricate carvings, gold accents and dark colours create a heavy mood when all combined we recommend picking one or two pieces to add a little intrigue to your home.

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Every piece of furniture at mélange has its own story to tell

Every piece of furniture at mélange has its own story to tell

Nestled in a tranquil neighbourhood in Luxembourg just a kilometre from Le Royal Hotel, the melange store is a treat to every art enthusiast, the magnificent facade welcomes you to the world of fine living, stepping in is an optical feast. With each piece at the store positioned thoughfully with an eye for detail, melange is a spectacle. Courteous and well informed staff is always available at your call They will give you the appropriate amount of asssistance without hovering over your shoulder. You could buy just one piece that will make a bold statement to your living room, or be picking up pieces to embellish an entire space, they will treat you with the same dignity Each mélange original will make an individual style statement and bear testimony to the warmth and memories created in your home ensure its graceful aging over time, Portside cafe continually pushes the traditional boundaries of leather design, using bold treatments, vibrant colours, novel combinations of material and out of the box design motifs, all the while maintaining its classic integrity ranging from the classic to the novel each product is inspired by memories from designer Bobby Aggerwal’s life journey, The ‘Balli Maran’ collection is inspired by the street in Old Dehli’s Chandni Chwok, home to the famous Urdu poet Mirza Galib. The ‘Rose Series’ has its origins in a recent trip to the Kashmir valley. The ‘Yacht Club’ range is his tribute to his favourite city in India, Mumbai. Other collections ‘Dak Bangla’ inspired by travel and ‘Mixed Metaphor’ Breaking all the sterotypes is evident at melange, the collection of over 400 expertly hand crafted pieces ranges from a riotous explosion of colours and fun prints on leather to some amazing texturing and finishing of the regular browns and tans, making them all stand apart. ECLECTIC OFFERINGS Find a Great range of Home Decor and lifestyle products with a simple elegance that sets them apart. Inspirations are not acquired but silently get inside you and give you a high, mélange inspiration is from all kinds of sources, whether it is nature, our societies and culture, machines, processes, materials or just notions of wit and humour, sensuality, balance and poise

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Home at last

1. Meditate, first thing in the morning

Meditation is the single most effective tool for getting out of your head and into your body. Why? Because if teaches you both of the two skills necessary to get more into your body: consciously directing your attention and directing it onto your experience of life. I’m sure that anyone who’s meditated regularly for any amount of time (including me) will be able to tell you the incredible benefits they received from it. The benefits of meditation are SO important that every day of both Get Real and Be Powerful have a meditation component to them. The timing of your meditation is also very important. Consciously directing your attention on your experience of life is a skill. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. Also, when you practice it, that skill carries over into the rest of your life.

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With autumn comes a renewed focus on home offices – either as places to do school work or the professional work that we’ve been minimizing during the summer.
  • How should you design your home office space to enhance your cognitiveperformance?Cut out the red. Red may seem a great color to get mental energy flowing, but recent research indicates that it should be avoided in office environments. Even a small amount of red has been linked to decreased performance on tests evaluating competence, such as IQ tests, and to avoidance of tasks at which viewers might fail.
  • Forget about multi-tasking. Anyone can do two tasks at the same time but no one can do either one well well. If you create a workspace where you can “get two things done at once,” your performance on both will suffer.
  • Minimize physical stress. When we’re stressed by something in the world around us, we focus on identifying and analyzing what is generating that irritation. Since we have a limited amount of mental energy, if we’re using some of it to deal with stress, we have less left over for whatever cognitive task we’re trying to accomplish. Continuing, unpredictable noises are stressful, and so is glare, an uncomfortable chair, and light levels that are too bright, for starters.
Arrange your work area so you can look up and into the distance to rest your eyes. Looking at something at a really different distance refocuses your eyes, which revitalizes your eye muscles.

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