Hub Dot Luxembourg

Hub Dot, born in London, is a movement of women who believe in the power of connections that happen in real life, to provide the opportunity for women to meet “face to face” Hub Dot meetings offer women a “piazza” to share their force, creativity, experience and ideas and to enjoy the pleasure of being together. Hub Dot uses the strength of personal stories to motivate, inspire and enlighten women. The power of storytelling! During each event several women intervene to tell just in a few minutes their own life experience to transmit participants hope, bravery and optimism.
At Hub Dot gatherings women are not labelled. Instead of name badges we use coloured dots, an immediate way where each colour a woman wears represents a different mood and interest. Each attendee selects one or several Dots that resonate most with their intent at the event: RED: “I’m established… (in my career/business/motherhood); feel free to ask me more.” YELLOW: “I have an idea, can anyone help?” GREEN: “I’m here to be inspired…” BLUE: “I’m here to socialise and shop!” PURPLE: “I want to tell you about… (my story/my work/my charity)”
Hub Dot Luxembourg has announced its next event “Connecting through our commitment for making the world a better place” that will take place at mélange (1 rue Nennig, 2214 Luxembourg-Dommeldange) on Wednesday 24 February 2016 from 19:00 – 21:30. The mélange store will be transformed into a piazza of inspiration and storytelling around various ideas and projects that are making the world a better place. The vision of mélange is to combine the art of storytelling — and how good stories have the power to transform our perceptions of the world with the choice of a furniture item. The store is a fantastic example on how important individual stories are and what impact they have across societies and countries, showing us that every single story from the artisans counts. From social projects in the neighbourhood to ideas that plays its part in saving the ocean, from beekeeper to tales about consciousness. Join us as on a fantastic evening that shows the diversity of live that all lead to the same goal: Making the world a better place. At Hub Dot “piazza” will be storytelling from the community and the opportunity to create links with associations and philanthropic fundraisers. The Dot alchemy will be created through connecting around living consciously and selflessly, making every day count, and taking care of the wonderful world we live in.” When we gather face-to-face and allow our Dots to replace labels, extraordinary connections happen. Hub Dot has made an impact on many lives already and is spreading to cities around the world. Hub Dot is a global phenomenon started in London, facilitating events for women to connect through a sharing of inspirational stories, ideas and creativity. Launched in the Grand Duchy in 2014, Hub Dot Luxembourg’s first event was attended by over 350 women. Spaces are limited. Tickets are €20 and registration on the website is compulsory. For more information and to register for the event, see