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The ethos of taking a traditional item and reworking it to create something truly inspirational gives a timeless quality to the products we sell.

Our Inspiration

We bring fresh inspiration to the home and add a subtle dose of unique.

Our Passion

With a strong, directional approach which resonates with like minds, we have quietly evolved into a highly significant international Brand.

Our Story

Greetings...co-travellers of real India and the world wide web. Welcome to “mélange – design & style”. Before you start shopping, allow me to share some thoughts with you about how and why this started. In 2000, when I followed my wife to India to meet her family for the first time, I was left spellbound by India’s mesmerizing beauty and fascinated by its people and culture. India’s exceptional heritage of architecture and handicrafts were a visual treat for me; something I had not seen before. Keith Bellows best describes my feelings in National Geographic Society, “…there are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won't go. For me, India is such a place.” India inspired me to draw upon my retail experience, to create something new and exciting. Over time, it became clear that it was time for me to write my own retail story. The idea of mélange was born in 2009 and actualized by the end of 2011. mélange gives products and exciting brands from India the needed platform to be represented in a new market. Our focus is not only to sell and consume. Our mission goes beyond this; it encourages respect and support for sustainability and social entrepreneurship. We express this in the collection of products and brands and in the way mélange not only sells products, but tells the stories behind those products, visualizing the origin and background. We hope that this enables you to enjoy the wonderful pieces you have bought even more. Available both online (e-shop) and offline (store), mélange is a continuously evolving collection of Indian mystical art, sculptures, architectural features, furniture, decor items, textiles, rugs and home wares, including a selected choice of organic teas and other delicious natural snacks.

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Vibrant, spicy and unique we love what we do

We make things happen! We’ve helped thousands of people since we’ve launched mélange. We believe Design with a capital “D” is causing a sea of change in home furnishing.

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